Spheres of Cultures is the journal of the Faculty of Humanities of the Maria Curie-Sklodovska University in Lublin. The journal deals primarily with philology, history, social and media communication, political science and cultural studies. The most important research object here are literature, history, culture, political relations of Poland, Ukraine, Byelorus’, and other countries of Central-Eastern Europe. Special attention will be paid to Ukrainian-Polish-Byelorusian cultural, historical and political connections.
The aim of this journal is to unite the scholars from different countries of Central-Eastern Europe of current scholarly research in declared spheres of human cultural activity and to cultivate an interdisciplinary approach to the field. Each volume will contain articles, review articles, documents, and book reviews. The main languages of publication is Polish, English, Ukrainian, Byelorusian, German, though other languages of publication are also possible.
The journal’s name reflects the editorial point of view at humanitarian area of various spheres of human activity in different Central-Eastern European countries. In such context the аrticles submitted for publication should be either analytical or synthesizing studies dealing with these aspects.

Ihor Nabytovych
Maria Curie-Sklodovska University in Lublin